Feb 12, 2016
In Vol. 28 No. 2, June 2000, Kathryn Holt, Joel Bennett, and Catherine Merrill wrote about ceramics and art in Cuba (pages 96-101). In her article, "Art in Cuba - Then and Now," Holt writes,  In 1965, yearning for adventure, I joined a... Read More
Feb 12, 2016

SP welcomes writing on function and/or architecture that encompasses broad interpretations of those themes and challenges the limits of their definitions.  

Function - noun  func·tion  \ˈfəŋ(k)-shən\

the special purpose or activity for which a thing exists or is used the... Read More
Feb 12, 2016

According to the Chinese Zodiac, 2016 is a Fire Monkey year, which is said to be the time to innovate a new path (monkey) and bring energy, creativity, and joy (fire). For Studio Potter, this is our year for all of that. Our journal has a new, fresh look, we've updated our logo, and our... Read More

Feb 11, 2016

Sarah Archer, Studio Potter author of "Heart Like a Wheel," Vol. 40, No. 2, Summer/Fall 2012, recently wrote an article for Hyperallergic about the closing... Read More