Hawaii Potters, Vol. 18, No. 2, 1990
Chiu Leong strips off his shirt and steps briskly onto the black lava flow. The sun blazes down and its hot. I tie a handkerchief around my head and follow Chiu. We pick our way across a mile of...

Author Spotlight

Ehren Tool. Photo by Argil Tool.
Ehren Tool is an artist whose work is heavily influenced by his service in the Marine Corps and his subsequent return to the civilian world. Tool has made and given away over 20,000 cups since 2001....
Summer Pottery Tour Celebration and Fundraiser
Summer Pottery Tour Celebration and Fundraiser
Join us for HOPS+POTS, celebrating the Hilltown6 Pottery Tour and benefitting Studio Potter journal at Project Art, in Cummington, Massachusetts. The evening will showcase local ceramics, food, beverages, and music along the idyllic banks of the Westfield River.