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May 24, 2020
Announcing the Launch of the SP Events Calendar

Do you have a Virtual Ceramics event or are you looking for one?  Introducing the SP Events Calendar.  In reaction to the multitude of ways our Ceramics... Read More

Considering Failure
Considering Failure

In complement to our May articles we offer you a look back at an article from our "Failure" issue published in 2011; specifically, Simon Levin's COME FAIL AWAY. Levin shines a light on the importance of failure and the beauty to be found in failure, "It's hard to turn away from the ugliness of failure. The failure of others can be morbidly fascinating. While success glides through life, hardly making a ripple, the turbulence of failure speaks of risks taken. The waves make the voyage of life interesting, ever-changing. The change, the variability force us to be adaptive, responsive beings."