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Randi O'Brien

Randi O’Brien is a multiracial ceramic artist, historian, writer, and educator from the Rocky Mountains. She earned both an MFA in ceramics and a MA in art history from the University of Montana. O’Brien is currently an associate professor of ceramics and art history at Montana State University, Billings, and editor of Studio Potter

O’Brien exhibits across the United States and globally; selected locations include: Kilkenny, Ireland; Valparaiso, Chile; Alberta, Canada; and New York, among other states in the U.S. O'Brien has curated numerous exhibitions and has presented her research on ceramics for the National Cowgirl Hall of Fame, the National Council on Education for the Ceramic Arts conference, and Ceramics Ireland’s International Ceramic Festival. Her research has been published in Ceramics MonthlyCeramics Art and Perception: Technical, Ceramics Ireland, and Studio Potter.


What if value was not placed on objects but, instead, on investment in social restoration? Through discursive thinking, critical inquiry, and the functions of a cup, Hughes and Ginsburg have done just that.
"My artwork is a record of my experiences as an Afro-Latina American, I embrace my naturally curly hair, heritage, womanhood, and at times current worldly struggles." - Michelle Ettrick FREE ARTICLE!
This is a protest against the mindset of “It’s only them, and not us.” Because it can be everybody and because it needs to be all of us. The contemporary silent witness sees all of our communal experience and will tell our stories, transforming one of the darkest times of human history into something galvanizing.
"I consider design an approach that needs and includes art. Many of my projects started as works of art that evoked the dynamism of African narratives. My creative process and the development of the projects have made me answer people's needs, such as tableware that tells their stories." – Faty Ly