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A teaching artist's sample of the folded-owl project, in which participants can build texture with limited manual dexterity.
NCC’s teaching artists, supported by the organization’s commitment to responsive, professional development, have developed a deep understanding of the human brain, of aging, and of healing that has helped shape the practice of ART@HAND.
Greetings from the new Studio Potter Editor, "Let's not be reductive. Let's be expansive. If we make a list, let's do it to parse out the options rather than create an oppressive hierarchy. We can all benefit from the beautiful mosaic of potential within the ceramic medium. This is what Studio Potter has always done." Send your story proposals to editor@studiopotter.org
Collaborative and open sharing is an upside to all we are currently experience. Shades of World War II efforts come to mind: rations, women working in factories, and victory gardens, among other things. Imagine the days to come when we are past the pandemic. What will we have learned about ourselves as people, as a nation, and as a world?
Perhaps it is years of conscious determination that create an air of inherent intuition. The first installment of a new Studio Potter series.
It’s kind of an old-fashioned dream. Not obsolete, but grounded in tradition and backed by a love of labor that comes from knowing you hold the ability to make something from nothing.
An excerpt from a collaborative letter, "I refuse to sign any contracts to teach from this day forward without holding the institutions accountable for how they are actively pursuing/enacting an antiracist agenda."
Rather than lean in to an oppositional response, the administrators who chose to be interviewed by Studio Potter here, have allowed themselves to be vulnerable by sharing their honest struggles as they grapple with systemic racism.
The first installment of a series on navigating the market as a studio artist, wherein we will share the wisdom of field and consider what the gallery/artist relationship might be in the future. Inspired by an inquiry from Osa Atoe.
Welcome to the vibrantly intentional world of Brian Vu.
Success is the mindset that the things you would like for yourself are coming to you. Failure is just a test to see how much you wanted something in the first place.
This is what I do. This is what I make. FREE ARTICLE!
Robbie Lobell and Maryon Attwood are looking to forge new directions for Cook on Clay. Like the rest of the world, they are asking themselves a lot about transition these days. What does retirement look like for a craftsperson in 2022? How does one navigate from the pounding rhythm of production into a slower beat and still afford life?