In the July issue of Studio Potter we ran an ARTICLE about a collaborative effort to address institutionalized racism in the field of ceramics. Artist Melissa Weiss proposed the effort on Instagram as a way to hold individuals and organizations accountable in ramping up or initiating antiracist efforts. One-hundred-thirty artists have signed the letter so far, putting their names behind the effort, making a public commitment to use the call-to-action whenever they are invited to lead a workshop or participate in an exhibition. 

In the call Weiss issued on Instagram, she wrote, “This is about providing access that the ceramics field has been terrible at doing. It is work and it’s not okay to not do it.”    

Her words, when read, were fiery and inspirational. 

Many hearts heard her call to action and fervently agreed.  

We all want the field of ceramics to be more reflective of the equity we envision in our idealized world. Talking to Weiss and Danielle Carelock, a North Carolina potter who was willing to offer a Black perspective in the drafting of the letter, humanized the call to action and demonstrated that. While the language of the letter is unwavering, there is room for discussion. Examination of the craft world is something Weiss is asking of herself as much as she was asking it of others.