Gallo-Roman Pottery 1-3 A.C.E.
The relationships between ceramics and text, pottery and words, are very old and very new.
Vase 11 inches tall. 2006. Stoneware, inlaid black slip, stretched slabs, Cone 10 reduction.
My growing zeal for clay collided with a growing disaffection with newspapering, and the idea came to quit the job and see if I could make a living making pots.
Photograph by Forrest Snyder.
My new knowledge about what it took to physically create, as well as the ideas I explored through books, greatly colored my world. I started thinking of all visual communication - including the written word - in new terms.
Incense burner with design of mountain retreat by Ogata Kenzan (1663-1743) Japan, Kyoto, Edo period. Stoneware with cobalt pigment under transparent glaze; gold lacquer repairs. H. 6.1 x 8.0 cm diam. Freer Gallery of Art, Smithsonian Institution.
By adding words to his image, Kenzan transformed the reference of this convention­al decoration, embedding it in history and deepening its resonance.
By reading regularly each day, I find time to wonder, laugh, cry, escape, and get lost in a gifted writer's consciousness. It is an emotional experience that feeds my curiosity about how people, places, things, and ideas relate.