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Linda Christianson

Having made pots now for about forty years, I am surprised that it is still both a hopeful and troublesome effort to make a decent pot. The qualities that I search for in my work are fairly straight forward, yet elusive. I am interested in a pot that does its duty well, yet can stand on its own as a visual object. Woodfiring offers the forms a quiet surface that hopefully retains the essence of the clay itself. These pots are not sculpture; they seem to act more like engaging tools than anything else.


By reading regularly each day, I find time to wonder, laugh, cry, escape, and get lost in a gifted writer's consciousness. It is an emotional experience that feeds my curiosity about how people, places, things, and ideas relate.
St. Croix Valley Pottery Tour  Jan McKeachie Johnston, Mike Helke, Naomi Dalglish, Randy Johnston, Linda Christianson, and Lisa Buck.
Pots come to life when they are in use at the table and kitchen sink. The story of how pots come to us and worm their way into our lives can be an added bonus.