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Teresa Eckmann, Ph.D.

Teresa Eckmann is Associate Professor of contemporary Latin American art history at the University of San Antonio, Texas. She is the author of Neo-Mexicanism: Mexican Figurative Painting and Patronage in the 1980s (UNM Press). She has curated several exhibitions in her field including most recently, Alberto Mijangos,159: A Retrospective of His Art (and Life), and Status? Prints from Puerto Rico to San Antonio for the city’s Department of Arts and Culture. She is currently working on a second book project, Growing Urban Presence: A History of Public Art in San Antonio.


Public Art and Placemaking, Part I
A three-part series on the ceramist as public artist. "Completing private and public commissions, in addition to creating, decorating, and firing thousands of vessels during my career as an artist/potter, is not unlike how I learned the game of basketball: through practice, study, failure, disappointment, victory, and determination. This artistic path, in addition to my recently completed public art projects, has allowed me to master my ceramic process and has prepared me to take on a project of any scale." – Diana Kersey, 2015
Mulberry Bridge with Diana Kersey, 2011. Photo Credit: Seale Photography.
Last month, in Part I, we left studio potter Diana Kersey, having just broken into the practice of public art. This month, while sharing her background from star athlete to ceramist, we explore further her approach to design, content, and community engagement as she completes her first major public art commission.
"I have been a student of the possibilities of the materials ... So many variables, so many decisions to make, and so many opportunities to make them. You learn failure is a part of success. Just like not every play will work as drawn out on paper, not every pot will make it through the process as desired, but each time you learn something that feeds into the next attempt. You are playing the law of averages. If you keep at it, something will start to work out."