Elenor Wilson, 2013
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Elenor Wilson

Elenor Wilson is the editor of the Studio Potter journal, and an independent artist living in Western Massachusetts. She has an MFA from the State University of New York at New Paltz, and has traveled extensively as an artist, including residencies in Taiwan, Finland, and throughout the U.S. Elenor's work in clay includes collaborative and commission based functional wares, and large-scale, slip-cast sculpture. 

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Elenor Wilson, illustration by Zoe Pappenheimer, 2016.
2°C. It could be the difference between a vase that dons a gem of transparent green, perfectly pooled just above its foot, and one that when pulled from the shelf has a sharp, mangled base, leaving its disappointed maker with a shelf to grind and a new addition to her shard pile.
Stained Cloud with Girl #3 and #4, 2011. Japanese porcelain. Slip-cast and assembled, 16x24x3.5 in.
Today after work I veer from my normal routine and take a cab home instead of a bus to the subway, the subway to my bike, and my bike to my apartment.
Elenor Wilson, Editor.  Illustration by Zoe Pappenheimer.
"The vibrations of music do not stick to the strings of the violin but fill the surrounding space with their melody." --Eliel Saarinen
Elenor Wilson, illustration by Zoe Pappenheimer, 2016.
“Culture does not make people. People make culture. If it is true that the full humanity of women is not our culture, then we can and must make it our culture.” ― Chimamanda Ngozi Adichie
Several people wrote in to express their opinions and concerns about the previous issue, or about Studio Potter journal in general.
Illustration by Zoe Pappenheimer for Studio Potter journal, 2018.
The pottery-tour phenomenon and the fact that geographic location is integral to the identities of both pots and potters are the impetuses for the issue you now hold in your hands (or view on your screen).
Donald Clark at his home in Springfield, Massachusetts. Photograph by Elenor Wilson, 2015.
If you write a book, you can’t change it. TMP wanted the ability to add information to what already exists, as artists grow and their work changes and their marks change.
Elenor Wilson, Editor.  Illustration by Zoe Pappenheimer.
Let's...broaden our definition of education beyond formal settings, and even beyond mentorship, to include all experiences from which one learns, and in turn, creates.