Illustration by Zoe Pappenheimer for Studio Potter journal, 2018.Dear loyal subscribers, readers, and patrons,

It has been my pleasure to serve as the Editor of Studio Potter journal for the last five years. On September 30th, I will begin a new chapter in my career and hand over the leadership of the journal to our hardworking board of directors, who will be conducting a search for SP’s next Supereditor.

I look back on each of the ten issues I’ve produced with a unique fondness. Each has its own group of talented authors, with whom I’ve developed personal relationships. Each has its own beautiful visual design—always a collaborative effort (and riveting challenge) between our designer, the authors, yours truly, and the budget.

What stands out most, though, when I think about this work, is the writing itself.  In nearing the end of my tenure at SP, I have spent some time paging through the back issues, and at some point during my reading of each article, I think, “This is really good. Has everyone read this? Probably more people need to read this.” Moving to an online format is a move toward that end, for sure, though I do lament the loss of the smell of freshly printed ink on crisp paper. The challenge of curating theme-based volumes online has yet to be met, but I have confidence that SP will continue to promote meaningful dialogues, and that the person who fills my shoes, will probably—hopefully—just bring their own dapper pair.   

My parting request, dear readers, is that you get more people to read this journal. Unceasing for SP is the challenge to garner more readership. It is SP’s most important goal not only because these articles (all forty-seven years of them) are deeply informative, but also because activating our pages—printed and web—is what keeps SP alive. Alive in two senses: fiscally sustainable and intellectually provocative. It’s what enables SP to broaden its service as it has done recently with the Grants for Apprenticeship Program.

Subscribe for five dollars a month, read articles, share them with your friends, assign them to your students. Write about your work and your life, and send it to SP to publish. Apply to be an intern, or an apprentice grantee. If you’ve got the chops, apply for the editorship or commit yourself to serving as one of our board members. If you’ve got the dollars, make a donation.

I thank you for your readership and support, and look forward to seeing and working with many of you in the future as I continue my professional involvement in the ceramics community.

Warm Regards,

Elenor Wilson