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Zuzka Vaclavik

Zuzka is a dual citizen of the United States and Slovakia, but grew up in Germany where, as a very young child, she took art lessons from a Czech painter. She painted throughout her childhood covering desks with crayon marks and finding hidden areas under furniture to draw on. These markings were not readily discovered as her family moved her from Germany, to and through Florida, Minnesota, and Texas.  

Eventually, Zuzka decided to pursue her development as an artist in the Far East after she received her BFA.  She lived in Phnom Penh, Cambodia, for two years working as a part-time English teacher and full-time painter before beginning her graduate school studies. 

In 2008, Zuzka received her MFA from The University of Georgia and has since exhibited her work in New York, California, Cambodia, Germany, Austria, and across the US. Zuzka held her first solo exhibition entitled "Thirst" in Atlanta through Poem 88 Gallery in 2015. 

Most recently, her ceramic work was published in Uppercase’s Encyclopedia of Inspiration in the "Ceramics: Profiles of Potters" and she will have a solo show at the National Czech and Slovak Museum in 2023. 

Zuzka’s works are also in numerous public and private collections, including the permanent collections at the High Museum of Art and the Central Library in Atlanta. 


Another animated short produced by Studio Potter's official Cartoonist Richard Nickel, showcasing the work of painter and ceramist, Zuzka Vaclavik. "The Kiln is a poem, a kind of curse against potters who choose to practice their craft in a less than virtuous manner."