Wendy Gers, 2017.
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Wendy Gers

Wendy Gers is an award-winning curator who has delivered numerous international guest lectures, and authored several books and catalogs on ceramic art. In 2018, Gers earned her PhD from University of Sunderland, England.


Ayelet Zohar, Villa in the Jungle, 2016. Camouflage nets over Benyamini Center. Photograph by Yael Gurand Zamir Nega.
Wendy Gers is a curator and arts administrator who seeks to push the social, political, and technological boundaries of ceramics. The following conversation addresses curating on an international stage, and her "Post-Colonialism?" project at the Benyamini Contemporary Ceramics Centre in Israel.
Francois Brument and Sonia Laugier, Eclipse, 2014.
Brief descriptions of Francois Brument and Sonia Laugier’s three TCB projects follows a recent interview with Brument. The discussion focuses on Brument’s background, his perception of contemporary design education, and his current project.