Mary Barringer in her studio, 2013.
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Mary Barringer

Mary Barringer has been a studio artist for over forty years, making both sculpture and functional pottery. She was the editor of Studio Potter journal from 2004-2014. She lives and makes pots in Shelburne Falls, Massachusetts, USA.



Stanley Mace Andersen, Coffee Pot, earthenware, height, 10 in.
Outside industrial settings, most of the ceramic objects made today are probably fired in electric kilns, yet the effect of this type of firing on the objects made, the ideas behind them, or the people making them is rarely discussed.
Porcelain bowls by Sarah Jaeger.
Thinking about this symposium and its focus, I kept thinking about place: both the actual places in which we do our work, and the way our minds, like our studios, are furnished with images, quotations, and other presences that provide a backdrop for our making and our aspirations.
Jigna (left) and Sanjay (right) Jani behind various yunomi in their gallery, Iowa City, Iowa, USA, 2014.
I will stop for one pot and ... have a smile on my face because I saw something I didn’t see before. That’s exactly what we have pots for. It’s that glimpse of inspiration when you are passing by. That’s what beauty does.
Harriet Harriet Brisson. Clouds, 1990. Stoneware clay, reduction fired to Cone 10, 7x7x7 in.
Others will praise and remember Harriet for her teaching or her studio work, but the extraordinary person she was loomed largest, for me, in her role on the Studio Potter board.