Mary Ann Steggles, Ph.D. Associate Director and Professor, University of Manitoba.
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Mary Ann Steggles

Mary Ann Steggles is a professor at the School of Art, University of Manitoba, Winnipeg, Canada. She was one of tens of thousands who immigrated to Canada during the Vietnam era, and was awarded a grant in 2016 to research the contributions that Vietnam-era resisters and protestors had on the field of Canadian ceramics. Dr. Steggles has lectured internationally, and her writing appears in several publications. Contact her at


The showroom of Kirk Creed outside Gimli, Manitoba. June, 2015. Photo by Mary Ann Steggles.
Four of Canada’s celebrated potters, Harlan House, Kirk Creed, Gordon Hutchens, and Wayne Ngan, have set admirable examples of how to build a sustainable life as a ceramic artist.
Gunda Stewart, tenmouku teapot with cane handle.
Looking at the work of Stewart and her knowledge of wood firing, it is easy to believe that she has been doing this for thirty or forty years. Stewart is quick to correct anyone who thinks so.
Pamela Nagley Stevenson with her early work, 1977.
Whether it was being made in urban or rural communities, ceramics provided the framework for a new lifestyle during a resurgence of crafts in Canada. Regardless of where they lived or the intent of their practice, each expatriate added, in their own way, to the Canadian cultural landscape.
I never intended to collect ceramics and nothing that I was given or purchased was viewed as an investment.