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Howard Sawhill

After graduating from Massachusetts Institute of Technology in Cambridge with a PhD in ceramics, Howard Sawhill worked thirty years with DuPont Electronics leading research and development teams that introduced new ceramic-based products into the marketplace. In his second career, he started Cone Blue Pottery, where the mainstay is research and development of ceramic glazes. He is currently working in collaboration with potters on challenging glaze issues and performing glaze studies aimed at improving the understanding of glaze performance. Examples of glaze research and development studies, collaborations, videos and his contact information can be found on his website. 


"I like how the glaze reminds me of our pet’s warmth and mottled look, complete with some imperfections, and how it offers some comfort during the quiet days in the studio."
My journey to uncover factors that influence crazing patterns attempts to provide a plausible explanation for a “puzzling” pattern in a Chinese Guan ware vase. Along the way, I ran across an interesting method to create new, unusual crazing patterns.