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Gerry Williams

Gerry was the founding director and first editor of Studio Potter. His wife, Julie, was its founding business manager. Together, they traveled, interviewed, wrote, and lectured about issues concerning potters throughout the United States and abroad. Read more about them and the history of SP here


Hawaii Potters, Vol. 18, No. 2, 1990
Chiu Leong strips off his shirt and steps briskly onto the black lava flow. The sun blazes down and its hot. I tie a handkerchief around my head and follow Chiu. We pick our way across a mile of crunchy a' a' and smooth pahoehoe lava...
The Case for Clay in Art Education: A symposium held at New York University, New York, New York, January 28-30, 1988; transcribed and printed in this issue of Studio Potter journal, and reprinted later as a monograph.
Title Page, Thirteen Maine Potters, Vol. 7, No. 1, 1978.
"With clay, what you put into it you eventually get out of it." --John Okie, Wiscasset, Maine, 1978.
Warren MacKenzie, 1990.
An interview with Warren MacKenzie on August 11, 1990, at Deer Isle, Maine, conducted recorded and edited by Gerry Williams.
Victor Babu, 1983. Photographed by Carol Long.
I am a person who needs and loves to establish a clear control over the material. I am a process-oriented artist.
Images have long looked out from pots. Drawn, scratched or painted, they speak of myths and nature and woman and gods.