Vivika and Otto Heino, Hopkinton, New Hampshire (1972)
Eleven potters from New Hampshire during 1972.
There is a kinship which exists between potters; neither age, nor place, nor time itself can alter or diminish that kinship.
An excerpt from Paulus Berensohn's book, printed in Vol. 1, No. 1 of Studio Potter magazine, 1972
An excerpt from Paulus Berensohn's book "Finding One's Way with Clay," before its publishing in November, 1972, by Simon and Schuster.
Images have long looked out from pots. Drawn, scratched or painted, they speak of myths and nature and woman and gods.
Apprenticeships for craftsmen, after long neglect, have again become popular as a viable alternative to formal education. In the past, the system provided for the preservation of the craft from one generation to the next, kept the master craftsmen supplied with cheap labor in an always marginal enterprise, and regulated the output of skilled workers according to the natural supply and demand of the market place.
Enclosed is a brief layout of my mixer. I did not put down the dimensions of the iron fireman because they vary in size - any coal stoker will do.