Czibesz, 2019.
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Bryan Czibesz

Bryan Czibesz is an artist and educator interested in the relationships between technology, material, and object making. He is currently Associate Professor of Art in Ceramics at the State University of New York at New Paltz.


Bryan Czibesz, 2018
As a co-editor of this issue of Studio Potter, I’m pleased to present several perspectives on digital technology in ceramics, including many that concentrate on extrusion-based 3-D printing with clay.
Ronald Rael. Cabin of 3D-Printed Curiosities (interior), 2018.
A conversation with Ronald Rael. Rael is a professor of architecture at the University of California, Berkeley, and cofounded the company Emerging Objects with architect Virginia San Fratello.
ioneered in 2009 by Unfold, the open source clay 3-D printer harnesses the potential of new technologies. Photograph by Kristof Vrancken, 2010; copyright Z33.
We strongly feel that our work actually softens the tension between digital and analog and shows how technology is essentially a continuation of a long tradition of making and applying tools.
Timea Tihanyi mentoring student intern Wanna Huang at Slip Rabbit Studio, Seattle, Washington, 2019. Photo by Mark Stone, University of Washington.
We don’t know if and how objects will matter in the distant technological future. This poses interesting dilemmas for ceramics: How do we hold on and innovate at the same time? How do we imagine a new future of tactility with clay?
The illusion is that with plastic 3-D printers and how you have this tool, it can potentially fabricate anything in the world that you could possibly imagine.
Editor's note: Interviewer, Bryan Czibez begins by asking Nick Moen to talk about his background and the context of what The Bright Angle does in relationship to the more traditional forms that come from the hills of Asheville, North Carolina. 
Porcelain Extension Lighting Collection by Nick Moen and the Bright Angle
Join Bryan Czibesz in conversation with Nick Moen of The Bright Angle
Nick Moen is discovering and designing bridges between materials, craft and design, and communities at The Bright Angle in Asheville, North Carolina.