Ayumi Horie working on the Portland Brick Project
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Ayumi Horie

Ayumi Horie is a full-time studio potter from Portland, Maine who makes functional pots, mainly with drawings of animals. She has taught workshops and given lectures at many universities, art centers and residencies in the U.S. and abroad. Her work is in various collections throughout the US, including the Museum of Art and Design in New York City. Currently, she is collaborating on a public art project, Portland Brick, in Portland, Maine and runs an Instagram feed called Pots In Action, which features ceramic art from all over the world.

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Garth Johnson, "Pottery Liberation," Front sticker.
Citizen potter: A potter who is an active participant of a community, be it geographic, ceramic, or online, and who is seeking social change based on passions and convictions.
 Ayumi Horie works on "Portland" bricks in her studio. Photograph by Janine Grant.
Instead of commemorating the famous “fathers” of the city, our project highlights the immigrants, the women, the marginalized, the voices that typically are not heard.