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Sarah Kelly

Sarah Kelly lives in her home state of North Carolina where she is finishing an MA in critical craft studies at Warren Wilson College. In her research, Sarah explores concepts of tradition through pottery in and around the state. She is currently a curatorial fellow at the Asheville Art Museum, where she was awarded a Windgate Museum Internship in 2019 through the Center for Craft. 


Signs and accessories in Jason Hartsoe in his Penland studio, January 2020. Photo Credit: Madalyn Wofford.
"Just when it seems the incline and hairpin turns won’t end, deep forest opens up to a passenger-side view of Horner Hall, the recently renovated home to the Penland gallery and visitors center." Join Sarah Kelly in conversation with Penland Resident Jason Hartsoe; captured last fall. A grateful recollection of deliberate advancement toward a goal.