Saba Stovall, 2017.
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Saba Stovall

Saba Stovall is a ceramicist in Atlanta, GA and is currently pursuing a Masters in Art History from Georgia State University. Their focus is on the intersection of feminist art history, traditional craft mediums, and marginalization of genders and sexualities. Contact them at


Mac McCusker, Top Surgery: 60 Days Post-Op. A Transgender Self-Portrait, 2016. White Earthenware, underglazes and glazes, Cone 04, 19 x 21 x 11 in. Photo by artist.
In discussions of social reform, there is a point at which words can no longer educate listeners. Art intervenes where words cannot. The unprivileged— the others, the outsiders, the marginalized — can access tools of political and social reform through art to bypass cultural boundaries and speak across borders.