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Paula Sibrack Marian

A potter for more than forty years, Marian lived in Latin America and studied textiles in Bogota, Colombia. Through her travels, Paula continues her commitment to her clay work. She recently retired as head of the art department at New Milford High School, Connecticut. She is a member of Connecticut Clay Artists, a founding trustee of the National K12 Ceramic Exhibition, and past Board member of Studio Potter


Espejo (Mirror), Osmany Betancourt, 2003. El Museo de Ceramica. Life size figures depict the struggle of the Cuban people. Photo by author.
The Biennial supplied a visible platform for the political drama between Cuba and the United States. The eyes of the art world were on Havana. Held at La Cabaña, the colonial fortress complex in Havana Harbor, the Biennial was in the news daily.
Woodpile and plates outside a potter’s home in Olari, Romania. Plates displayed on the outside of a home signify a pottery. All photos by Paula Marian, 2017.
The pottery of Olari reflects generations’ worth of knowledge and skill handed down through pottery families, and today it is supported by a robust retail art market.
Harriet Brisson Cube Striped in Half, 1989. Raku; 6 in. sq. 46th Concorso Internazionale, della Ceramica D'Arte, Faenza, Italy. From Brisson's 50NOW retrospective exhibition catalog.
Harriet had a mathematical mind, richly reinforced by her artwork and the life she created with her husband and fellow artist, David Brisson. Her modular ceramic creations, with components that fit together effortlessly, are evidence of her keen logic.