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Nina Hole

Nina Hole was a Danish artist, sculpture and performer who formed a critical a link between the American and Danish ceramic traditions. She helped to found the CLAY Museum of Ceramic Art in Denmark and the International Ceramics Center at Guldagergaard. She is best known for her “Fire Sculptures” and her references of architecture in clay. 


I use clay to express my interest in and feeling for pre-industrial cultures and architecture, as well as the natural environment. The clay forms are expressions of my eclectic interests, background, personal philosophy, and love for life.
Unveiling (removal of insulating fiber) of Nina Hole sculpture at the Cary Arts Center, Cary, North Carolina, 2012.
I heard a story about doing this kind of sculpture, about somebody who built a piece right on the spot. I thought, “Oh, my god, I have to think about how to do that.”