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Nicholas Klofkorn

I am an artist and critic living in Phoenix, Arizona. I enjoy good art when it finds me and bad art the rest of the time. I am obsessed with soda firing, glaze chemistry, and the long, complicated history of porcelain. I have lived, worked, and shown in several of these great United States, including being a studio artist for some time at Northern Clay Center in Minneapolis.

I believe humans are deeply creative beings who are all too often separated from this essential element of life for many reasons. Likewise, I believe all criticism, well-intentioned or not, is a reflection of the author as much as it is the work. Thus, I hope you find mine thoughtful, fair, insightful, and timely.

Right now I avoid social media at all costs, but please feel free to email me anytime [klofkorn (at) gmail (dot) com] to discuss art, life, or whatever.





By presenting art-goers with a dazzling array of objects, they are forced to think of themselves in their own space, and the relationships that they, as consumers, have with objects of both nominal or grandiose values.