Vol. 34 No. 1 2005 - An interview with Norm Schulman

by SP Staff
Apr 8, 2016

Norm in his studio, 1977-78.Influences are, of course, not always formal, intended, understood, appreciated, or completely expressible. - Stanley Mace Andersen

A new online archive article has been added to our archived issue, Vol. 34, No. 1, 2005. Stanley Mace Andersen interviewed Norm Schulman, who died in 2014. This conversation is a must read alongside a remembrance of Norm in the current issue, Vol. 44, No. 1, introduced by Alan Willoughby. Norm was one of the mid-20th century's pioneers of American ceramic sculpture. His involvement at Penland, survival of a devastating fire, and participation in the founding of NCECA are fascinating stories. We hope you enjoy these articles and through reading join us in celebrating his life and legacy. 

SP is working to produce online versions of high-demand, or topical articles from our archives. We will also be adding a publicly viewable contents page article under each issue's page so that guests (non-members, or not-logged-in users) may be able to see all of the titles and authors contained in each issue.  You can help us further develop our digital archive by making a tax-deductible contribution to the Gerry Williams Commemorative Digital Archive Fund



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