Application for a No Cost Educator Membership

Use this form to apply for a no cost educator membership. Applications are reviewed and accepted on a rolling basis when funding is avaliable to provide free memberships to educators. Applications are currently open.

To qualify for a no cost membership, you must be an educator teaching at any level: community centers, online, in k-12 or higher education. You also must have financial need and have a limited budget such that a full price $95 membership is unaffordable for your classroom or school's budget. 

Applicants will recieve an email within 5 days notifying them if the application has been approved or denied.

Thank you to the Center for Craft for supporting this project with a Craft Futures Fund Grant. 



Our free memberships are supported by generous donors who wish to see in-need educators and students get access to SP, who otherwise couldn't afford to purchase an educator membership for their classroom.