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In This Issue – Joy

Mar 1, 2024

Amid darkness and death and the worst things human beings can do to each other, ceramists can also see the light, cultivate the beauty, and feel the wonder and majesty of humanity. We can experience two truths. The stoic philosopher Epictetus would say “Everything has two handles, the one by which it may be carried, the other by which it cannot.”  

This philosophy is one of perspective, one that argues that events do not carry either good or bad; it is your perspective that brings these connotations. As an example, one event, such as the outcome of a juried exhibition, can make some happy and others sad. We have many lenses through which we can see the world. Though it is a delicate balance, the gaze we choose to see the world from can be dualistic. As potters, and reflecting on metaphors of handles, we know that to deny one handle would fail to understand the whole of the form. This month, we acknowledge that joy is in short supply and that humanity is suffering, but we present you four articles that choose the handle of positivity, beauty, progress, and the search for joy. 

We welcome you to read a personal journey on finding moments of gratitude in "Embracing Joy in Ceramic Artistry" by Keok Lim. We look to the balance of a self-made work ethic that allows Sherród Faulks to revel in luxury and joy in his article, "The Stitch That Unravels Fear’s Caul." In the article "Out of Stock: JOY" by Carole Epp, we philosophically reflect on how we make sense of this thing called life. And in our free article this month, we look to the words of Nicole Bernard in her article "Beads of Hope – A Good Life is Worth Making," wherein she takes us on a ceramic journey to rise “Up. Up. Up. Back into the light.”

We also want to draw your attention to our archives and celebrate two key occasions. 2024 marks the centennial of Warren MacKenzie’s life and impact on our ceramics community. We welcome you to read "Warren MacKenzie – Centennial," by Keith Luebke. And March is Women's History Month. Each week, we will release newly digitized articles that feature key women in our Studio Potter publication history. You will see these articles announced on our Instagram page every Friday in March. 

This month's first digitized archival release features the pioneer, the pilot, the potter Frances Senska

Gerry Williams, Studio Potter's founder, interviewed Francis in her Bozeman, Montana, home. His feature on Francis was published in our "Copper Reds / Leach," Vol.8 No. 1, which was published in June 1979. Gerry summarized his one-hour and thirty-minute interview with Francis into about 200 words, which are published on page 41. In addition to this archival text, we are releasing an edited version of the live interview – a trial run of our archival podcast. Please enjoy listening to Frances's voice.

Joyous reading and we would appreciate your feedback on the archival audio; email



Randi O’Brien, editor


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