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Nessim Cohen

Nessim Cohen has an M.A. in philosophy from the Sorbonne and an M.A. in political theory from Sciences Po, both located in Paris, France, where he works as a writer and an artist. His production involves ceramics, abstract calligraphy and performances. He first studied ceramics in Japan where he also was a guest tea master for two years. He has been writing about ceramics, tea ceremony and related arts for various publications as well as giving lectures and workshops on how to make tea bowls and the history of Asian ceramics in New York, Paris, and Maastricht, Netherlands. Nessim Cohen can be reached at

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The interior design is minimal, the space – easily transformed. The objects do not dominate the space,yet everything operates in support of their display. Carefully arranged, a context is created. The showcase is a microcosm of Atelier Parter’s latest production.