Michael Simon. Photograph by Hayne Bayless.
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Michael Simon

Michael Simon (b. 1947) is a functional ceramic artist who lives in Athens, Georgia. His works are usually fired in salt kilns with motifs of nature and animals. Simon was a student of Warren MacKenzie, who was, in turn, a student of Bernard Leach. Though their influence is felt, Simon's work is unique; every pot emerges with an integrity and attitude all its own. He received his B.F.A. from the University of Minnesota and M.F.A. from the University of Georgia. His work can be found in the Los Angeles County Museum, the Minneapolis Institute of Arts, and is in The Rodger Corsaw Collection of Ceramic Art at Alfred University. (Biography edited from Michael Simon's profile on The Nevica Project website).



Painted, unfired work in the studio. Photograph by Mark Shapiro.
I'm happy to be here now. I felt pretty positive about the development of the pots, I really did. But I thought that maybe it could go on. I mean, it's hopeful. And so many things did happen. There were so many rich things; I certainly don't have any regrets.