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Michael Medeiros

Michael Medeiros is a poet and potter living in Amherst, Massachusetts. He is a student in the UMass Amherst MFA for Poets and Writers program, and is managing editor of the literary magazine Jubilat. A 2018 apprentice at the Moravian Pottery and Tile Works, he is the editor of the poetry compilation A Mighty Room: A Collection of Poems Written in Emily Dickinson’s Bedroom, and co-founder of the Amherst Poetry Festival. 


A dinner set for poet Mary Ruefle’s April 2020 reading at UMass Amherst has as a centerpiece a plate set inspired by her short prose piece “Old Immortality.”
This past fall, I needed to learn how to make plates. Specifically, plates similar in form and decoration to those from Staffordshire, England, in the early 1800s.