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Margaret A. Boozer

Margaret A Boozer is an American ceramist and sculptor, best-known for her clay and ceramic compositions, or landscapes, that focus on the individuality, history, and geology of the clay used as subject matter. Based in Mt. Rainier, Maryland, Boozer is the founder and director of Red Dirt Studio.


Artist Margaret Boozer reflects on her life's work digging, studying, and offering clay. "Using local clay is a way to experience place, to learn something about the earth. I use it almost as a found object, for the historical, cultural, and geological resonance that particular clays bring to my work."
"I love teaching; I consider it part of my creative work. But after ten years in a less-than-satisfying position as adjunct professor at a local art school, I needed to do it differently. So in the fall of 2002, I started Red Dirt Seminar; I imagined part-graduate school, part-business-of-art incubator."