Lorie Nelson, 2019.
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Lorie Nelson

Lorie Nelson has enjoyed numerous occupations, including artist (collage, bricolage, textile, and ceramics), coloratura soprano, actress, activist, theatrical director, writer, teacher, scientist, database specialist, and grandmother to six grandchildren. She is an avid ceramics collector and supporter of the arts in Denver, Colorado.


Title Page Art, Lorie Nelson, Preserving Balance, Vol. 44, No. 1
In early June, mornings are cool and peaceful as the sun rises over the rich, verdant landscape of Fernwood Farm. Birds harmonize with the whir and clang of early morning chores, yet there is stillness in the air.
Lorie Nelson, 2018
In selecting articles centered around the theme of fiber and clay, commonly known as paper clay, I included a personal narrative, interviews of artists who were innovators in the medium, [and] educational articles that introduce new technical applications...
Title page illustrations by Matthew Causey, design by Zoe Pappenheimer.
I interviewed Rebecca Hutchinson, Jerry Bennett, and Rosette Gault because they are all early innovators in paper clay as an artistic medium, independently incorporated it in their studio practices, and are teachers who are willing to share their knowledge.
Paola Paronetto. Cartocci, 2018. Paper clay. Bottle height approx. 24 in. Photograph by Studio Auber.
The mission of Particle & Wave - Paper Clay Illuminated is to stimulate a conversation that explores innovation, creativity, and connectivity through the work of international artists who are incorporating cellulose-based fibers in clay as part of their studio practice.