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Linda Crowe

Linda Crowe lives in Nelson County, Virginia with her husband, Kevin Crowe.  Her work has been published in Studio Potter, Blue Ridge Outdoors, Virginia Forests, Full Grown People, and elsewhere. Contact her at


Noah Hughey-Commers starting work on the foundation of his kiln, February 2013. Photo by Stephanie Gross.
Editor's note: See Vol. 13, No. 2, June 1985 for "Potters of the Blue Ridge Mountains" featuring several potters from this article.
Inside Kevin Crowe's kiln just after the first firing of his rebuilt anagama kiln. Ty River Pottery, Amherst, Virginia. Photograph by Peter Rausse, 2015.
In 2016, Noah Hughey-Commers and Kevin Crowe, my husband, were in the process of completing the construction of their new anagama kilns. This is the account of the first firings of the new kilns in town.