Kristin Muller in her anagama hybrid kiln built in 1995 by Okazaki Takao. Photo by Jacklyn Scott, 2016.
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Kristin Muller

Kristin Muller is the Executive Director of Peters Valley School of Craft in Layton, New Jersey, and a passionate ceramic artist and writer. Her studio and home are located in Dingmans Ferry, Pennsylvania, where she fires an Anagama hybrid kiln built by Takao Okazaki. Her second book, Making Good: An Inspirational Guide to Being and Artist Craftsman (Schiffer Publishing), co-authored with Jacklyn Scott and Tommy Simpson will be published in April 2017.


Kristin Muller's wood stack - fuel for her kiln.
"Wood-firing is not just about what you want to get out of the fire, but rather, what you bring to it." Kristin Muller gives advice to aspiring and beginner wood-firers.