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Kayla Noble

After growing up watching her grandfather work as a potter, Noble decided to take Basic Ceramics at The State University of New York at New Paltz and fell deeply in love with the medium. Graduating in 2015 with a BFA in ceramics, she accepted a 2016 residency at Taos Clay, New Mexico. After the residency ended, she stayed in Taos for several years, set up a home studio practice, and enjoyed the feral and vivacious community one can find in a small mountain town. It was here that she was introduced to skiing and wood firing. In 2020 she came back to the Hudson Valley and currently resides in Newburgh, New York. As she continues to develop and grow her studio practice, she works to define what it means to be an artist, craftsperson, and designer in this ever-changing and growing world. She approaches both her art and writing with an unfiltered and all-encompassing curiosity, like that of a child. "Right now, I make pots with a feeling of quiet profundity."



"I think it's really helpful if you can have an idea of what you want your life to look like, day-to-day, and also a year from now," Sue Tirrell
“When I get to be by myself with the kiln and be in the process of it, I feel like I can hear my thoughts a little better. I have time to hear my responses to what's going on with the fire. What an amazing thing to try to learn. The whole experience, the sound, the sight, the physicality of it, and the sky, having to be outside – I think I fell in love with a squirrel once. There is so much quiet and so many opportunities to pay attention... That’s just such an amazing gift.” -Meredith Kunhardt
As our conversation moved away from the work and towards these much more personal and deep sentiments, I was reminded that this is why we make work; to begin conversations that may start with clay but eventually evolve to how we operate as people.
Recently, the vines have begun to seep their way over the edge of Shoko's pots. Crawling under feet and over rims into the interior of the spaces, they suggest a feeling of endlessness – something that cannot nor should not be contained.