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Katherine Fischer

Katherine Fischer is a writer who lives along the Mississippi River at Frentress Lake, Illinois. She is author of That’s Our Story and We’re Sticking To It, A.A. Cooper: Re-inventing the Wheel, and Dreaming the Mississippi. She is also Professor of English at Clarke University in Dubuque, Iowa, and writes regularly for newspapers, magazines, litmags, and journals. A feature columnist for the Dubuque Telegraph Herald, she came to the pottery world through Ken Bichell at a peace rally, Outside the Lines Art Gallery, and hanging out with potters at an old coffee shop in downtown Dubuque.


Adamah wood-fire kiln
It was a moment in time, at a remote place in the middle of the rural Midwest USA, where three potters from far apart streams segued into one river. Before the current era of divisiveness, before the great illness that plagued the planet, beyond neighbor fighting neighbor, and before the world began to split apart, these potters, Joy Brown, Ching-Yuan Chang, and Ken Bichell, brought gifts of clay, fire, and spirit.