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Jacques Kaufmann

In 1988, Jacques Kaufmann opened his current studio near Geneva, in France. From 1995 on, he has taught at the Ecole d‘arts appliqués of Vevey, and was made chair of the ceramics department in 1996. Since 1999, his activities in China have allowed him to contribute to exhibition exchanges in Europe and China. In 2008, Kaufmann joined a group at Hepia, the University for Engineering, Architecture, and Landscape Architecture in Geneva, to conduct research on "green" walls at city scale. Currently, he is the residing President of the International Academy of Ceramics.


Jacques Kaufmann, working on Tectonique, exhibited in Dunkerque Contemporary Art Museum, France, 1996.
For me it was a way to get back to society, not with art, not with small, delicate, beautiful objects, not with function for domestic function, but to go back to the city with ceramic material that contributes to a better way of life in the city.