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Ellen Bell

Ellen Bell is a performance artist and writer living in Mid Wales, United Kingdom, who regularly contributes to a series of fine art, applied art, and literary journals, such as Ceramics Review, Embroidery, a-n, New Welsh Review, and Poetry Wales. Bell has also written for CRAFTS and Performance Research. 


Hannah Walters, “Inkwell,” 15.75″x12″x6″, porcelain and crank clay with tin glaze
Modest in appearance, simple in its curation, but big in intention; this gallery is a gem. Long may it, and shows like Tanio/Ignite, continue.
Three films by Culture Colony featuring Walter Keeler (The Making of Flailed), Adam Buick (The Making of the Intertidal Jar) and Claire Curneen (The Making of Touched).
Vessels made heavy by encrusted layers of gritted slip, balance like monoliths en pointe, defying gravity. Yet there is no question of teetering. They hold themselves, as the title implies, in perfect equilibrium.