Elise Helland-Hansen, 2015. Photograph by Beth Wyller.
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Elisa Helland-Hansen

Elisa Helland-Hansen is a Norwegian studio potter based in Rosendal by the Hardangerfjord in western Norway. She was trained at the Bergen National College for Arts and Design in the 1970s, and has worked as a full-time potter making utilitarian work since then. She was head of the department and a professor at HDK - University of Gothenburg, in Sweden for five years, has traveled extensively, and exhibits internationally.

Instagram: @elisahellandhansen, Email: elisahh50@gmail.com 


Elisa Helland-Hansen, Pouring Pitcher, 2011. Stoneware, reduction fired to Cone 10 in gas kiln, 9 x 6 x 6 in. All photographs by the author. Image design by Zoe Pappenheimer.
Forty years ago, I had access to a limited number of photos of ceramic work. Today I am constantly exposed to images of pottery through social media. How does this affect our work and thinking? Can we have too many influences? My answer is no.