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Dr. Tim Willey

Tim has, for many years, been involved with the teaching of ceramics and sculpture at university and workshops in the United Kingdom and abroad. He studied ceramics as an undergraduate with a particular interest in experimental archaeology. This was followed by full-time lecturing in ceramics and ceramic chemistry.

 After completing a master's degree in sculpture, Tim spent several years researching the relationship between ecological systems and historical construction techniques for which he was awarded a doctorate. He is well known for his development and teaching of adaptive construction: a sequential approach to material construction based on a study of traditional and historic material-actions. Tim has established his own practice in England, with a workshop in the North Norfolk countryside, where he manages twelve acres of mixed woodland. This provides him with a perfect working environment with plenty of fuel for his open-firings.

 He teaches ceramic sculpture and ceramic science in Norwich and is a visiting university lecturer. He is an active researcher in adaptive construction, open-fired ceramics and experimental archaeology and runs regular practical workshops.


Open-firing, despite being regarded by some as an archaic technique, has much potential for interpretation by the contemporary potter. It is a ceramic technology that has lasted, unbroken, for thousands of years...