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Daniel Velasquez


My Name is Daniel Velasquez, and I am a full time international public artist, sustainable designer, and founder of Hydralas Designs. My goal is to use art to give back and inspire diverse communities by creating spaces for the public in which creative expression is abundant, and nature can thrive. I developed a studio process of working with technology so it enhances tangible materials such as clay. I am always looking for opportunities to use more diverse mediums and create art that relates to the public on a deeper, more human level. In recent years I have been working as a full-time international muralist. This work has been rewarding because it has allowed me to contribute to diverse communities, and promote creative expression. Lately I have been working with a gallery and a few different interior designers to start creating living wall art to promote environmental consciousness and healing.




Success is the mindset that the things you would like for yourself are coming to you. Failure is just a test to see how much you wanted something in the first place.