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Clarice Allgood
Clarice Allgood is a functional potter and teaching artist based in Minneapolis, Minnesota. An unconventional ceramic history of workshops, open studios, and unofficial residencies led Allgood to Minnesota in 2018. In 2019, she graduated from the advanced certificate program MN NICE (Minnesota New Institute for Ceramic Education) and as of 2020 she is a Fogelberg Studio Fellow at Northern Clay Center. She’s particularly fond of making tools. Some are tools of conviviality, some support activities of engaged solitude such as knitting, gardening, reading, and cooking. She teaches at Northern Clay Center, White Bear Center for the Arts, and Minnetonka Center for the Arts.



Awake and distraught. Rather than charging, my phone has drained to a dim 2%. I remind myself that I’m not superstitious. By 9:30 AM, I’m fully set up, my power bank, phone, and Square are all communicating. I find some courage, hang my sign. Ready.
I don’t trust anybody’s nostalgia but my own. Nostalgia is a product of dissatisfaction and rage. It’s a settling of grievances between the present and the past. – Murray Siskind in Dom Delillo’s White Noise In overwhelming times of uncertainty, as an artist, what I can offer is a coherence of values and priorities expressed in the tools of conviviality and of the solitude I craft. These pots inhabit the world I want to live in, nostalgic for a past that never was.