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Carolyn Herrera-Perez

Carolyn Herrera-Perez (she/her) is a potter turned researcher. She serves as Contributing Editor of Material Intelligence as she pursues her MA in History of Design and Curatorial Studies at Parsons and Cooper Hewitt. Her research focuses on crafts, designs, and materials of the Americas. She has worked with various art non-profits, most recently as Curatorial Fellow at Cooper Hewitt and Guest Curator of Peters Valley: Present at Peters Valley School of Craft. 

Carolyn was born and raised in so-called Peekskill, New York, the traditional land of the Kitchawanck and sister-city to Cuenca, Ecuador. A child of Ecuadorian and Polish immigrants, her family and locale are central to her spirit and practice.


This month's FREE article. This was the largest exhibition of the medium at the time, the first Pan-American survey of contemporary ceramics, and it remains one of few US exhibitions that tried to characterize the varied approaches of Latin American ceramists. With seventy pieces of modern ceramics from the region, organizers assembled impressive examples made by leading artists; to name only a few, these included Marina Nuñez del Prado, the internationally acclaimed modernist sculptor from Bolivia; Diana Chiari de Gruber, who founded the National Pottery School in La Arena, Panama; the Paraguayan ceramist Campos Cervera who signed his work under the pseudonym Julián de la Herrería, and his wife, the Spanish-born Paraguayan artist and cultural influencer Josefina Plá. What follows is a layered story about Latin America’s influence on US studio ceramics before the post-war era.