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Von Venhuizen

Von Venhuizen earned his M.F.A. from Indiana University, Bloomington, in 1996. Von is currently an Associate Professor of Ceramics and an Associate Director at the Texas Tech University School of Art. He exhibits nationally and internationally, contributing to the ongoing and evolving world of ceramics. His pieces are in numerous private collections, university collections, and museums and have been published in multiple books and periodicals. His students also know him for his colorful stories of ceramics, his love of cars and motorcycles, his search for the elusive chupacabra, as well as being an armadillo whisperer.


 Von Venhuizen - The Gift
When I bring in a tea bowl to my class that Don and E.T. made, they are still teaching; they are still there at my side. Students hold these objects, and I get to tell my many stories about these guys. A picture doesn't do that. Only ceramic objects with the makers' energy can do that. We need more of those cherished pieces in the world.