Suzanne Staubach.  Photo: UConn Today,
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Suzanne Staubach

Suzanne Staubach is a potter and writer. Her books include Guy Wolff: Master Potter in the Garden and Clay:The History and Evolution of Humankind’s Relationship with Earth’s Most Primal Element, both from University Press of New England (UPNE). She writes and pots in Ashford, Connecticut.


Albany slip-glazed Jugs, 19th century. Left, 9.5 x 5.5 in. Right, 7 x 7 in. Photo by Joseph Szalay.
“You can’t take it with you,” is oft repeated in conversation when referring to other people’s acquisitions. And yet, the majority of us leave behind a raft of stuff, most of it quite ordinary.
Karen Karnes. Flameware Casserole, 1999/2000.
"But the truth is, the pots that live on my shelf reside in my head when I leave the room just like all the pots I have never touched."
A few of the many, many shelve of pottery books in the author's home in Ashford, Connecticut. Photograph by Joseph Szalay, 2018.
Books on ceramic history dominate my shelves. How could they not? With more than ten millennia of pot-making behind us, there is so much to investigate, explore, and write about.