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Susannah Israel

Susannah Israel is a ceramic artist and writer whose love affair with clay begins at the potters wheel. Bringing the voice of the artist to critical writing on contemporary clay as suggested by Dave Hickey, Israel began publishing in 2001, writing for Studio Potter; Ceramics Art and Perception; Neue Keramik; Ceramics Now, and introductory essays for over a dozen exhibition catalogs. Israel was the 2011 Jentel Critic at Archie Bray, holding the honor of being both a resident writer and a resident artist. She lives and works in her studio at the Vulcan Foundry in east Oakland.


Centering is a lifelong discipline that demands consistent practice, which is akin to spiritual practices across many world cultures. I've always taught wheel-throwing by emphasizing the tangible and physical parts. Method, form, and position need to become habit. In Japan, I always tell students, it is said you are not yet a potter until you make your first 1,000 pots. This adage is a commitment we make to ourselves about what kind of life we want, and it is a foundation for me.