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Simon Levin

Clay is central to Simon's life. In 1993, he fell in love with the movement of flame through a wood-kiln, and seeks to capture the sensuous qualities of soft forms and full curves that the flame paths create. He owns Mill Creek Pottery in Wisconsin, where he and his apprentices work to advance wood-fired pottery. In 2013, he was a Fulbright Senior Scholar in Taiwan exploring local materials, and has recently been a visiting artist at The China Academy of the Arts in Hangzhou, where he works with apprentices to advance technology across cultures.. Contact him at

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Animal Bowl, "Paul", 2009. Anagama-fired dark stoneware. 7 X 14 x 10 in.
A language teacher once told me that in order to learn a new word you have to forget it five times. What I love about this statement is the idea that forgetting is integral to learning, an inseparable part of the journey to acquire knowledge.