Shelley Schreiber at her wheel, 2008.
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Shelley Schreiber

Shelley is a clay artist living in Denver. She works in a co-op studio, teaches wheel-throwing, and manages the ceramics studio at the Art Students League of Denver. She works in porcelain, and makes sculptural vessels and figurative sculpture.


Shelley Schreiber. Platter, 2016. Wheel-thrown porcelain with colored slip, underglaze and  glaze, Cone 10 reduction, 1 x 12.5 in. Photo by artist.
During college, I lived in Mexico, learned to speak Spanish fluently, and after I graduated, I was an intern on Capitol Hill. I then went on to earn a master’s degree in international studies. I kept my Soldner kick wheel in my dorm room, and brought it with me to wherever I was living from then on.