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Paige Quinton

Paige is an animator from Vancouver, Canada. They graduated Emily Carr University with a degree in media arts and one wheel-throwing class, taken in desperation to look at something other than a computer screen. It would be ten years before sitting at a potter’s wheel again. Four years ago, they started taking pottery classes at Hand Eye Design in Vancouver and shortly after began supervising drop-in classes to get more time in the studio. You can find them now teaching classes every Tuesday night and supervising drop-in classes on Sundays.


"I could search for a storyline that would ground my practice and allow my work to be a new chapter in a long-running series. But I think it best to choose the stories I want to leave behind. For me that includes sea stories, tea, and any odds or ends that make me smile and reach for that cup in a sea of cups in an overstuffed cupboard."