Searching the Archives on Our New Website

by Elenor Wilson
Mar 10, 2016

Cover, Vol. 40, No. 1, 2011I hope you are enjoying SP's new website, complete with a fully searchable archive. I'd like to give you a brief insight to how the search works, and some tips for using it. 

When you input a word, author's name, technical term, or other phrase into the search box, the results will produce cover images of any issue in which that term appears.  The site searches the full text of each article and of each issue. For example, if I search for "Shoji Hamada," I'm likely to see a few pages of issues as the result. This doesn't mean that Mr. Hamada has authored articles in each of these issues; rather, it means that his name appears somewhere within the full text of that issue. 

To see the volume number and year of an issue, hover your mouse pointer over a cover. To see a brief overview of what is contained in each issue, click on a cover.  SP is working to produce online versions of high-demand, or topical articles from our archives.  See Vol. 38, No. 1 for an example. We will also be adding a publicly viewable contents article to each issue page as well, so that guests (non-members, or not-logged-in users) may be able to see all of the titles and authors contained in each issue.  You can help us further develop our digital archive by making a tax-deductible contribution to the Gerry Williams Commemorative Digital Archive Fund

If you would like to see a text-based list of a key-word search, use the full site search at the top left of your screen by clicking on the magnifying glass icon.  This will also search the archive, but the results will be text-based in stead of cover-image based. Only active SP members will be able to access the page-turning version of each issue by clicking on the "digital issue" button. Non-members can download the PDF of any back issue for only $10.   

If you are doing in-depth research, or need print-quality text or images from our archives, please e-mail me. I'm happy to help you navigate our 40+ years of ceramics history, and provide you with the materials you need, if available. 

Thank you to all our donors who helped make our online, searchable archives a reality! 

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